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Genomics Scientist

Posting Date
29 Nov 2019

Organisation: GeneLook AG
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Industry: Genomics
Seniority Level: Mid-Senior Level
Job Functions: Genomics Scientist, Clinical Research, Precision Medicine, Sports Scientist
Skills: Human Genomics, Bioinformatics Data Analysis, Clinical Study Design, Epidemiology, Sports Medicine, Sports Science, Entrepreneurship
Employment Type: Full Time (100%) or Part Time (50%)
Start Date: January 2020 (or ASAP)

Job Description

We are seeking a Senior Genomics Scientist to join the GeneLook founding team in Basel, Switzerland. Candidates must have strong background in precision medicine, and specifically in the field of genomics applied to rare diseases and/or sports medicine.

Experience in clinical research, genomics data analysis, and engagement with the healthcare ecosystem is mandatory.

Experience in rare diseases, sports genomics, and healthcare innovation/entrepreneurship is a bonus.

Job Mission

You will be key part of a startup team that aims to integrate precision medicine and genomics data within the healthcare system. You will fulfill multiple roles, as well as helping guide the future growth of the company.

You will lead various clinical and genomics research projects within the company involving patients, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies, and insurance payers. You will contribute expertise in order to achieve strategic outcomes for each of these stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

GeneLook is a startup company (based in Basel CH) that has been advancing the field of personalized health and precision medicine for 2 years. We are empowering individuals to receive scientifically validated health insights and engage with the healthcare ecosystem in order to shape their health journey. We do this by providing services, such as enabling individual users to get their whole genome sequenced (ie. WGS), and then connecting their genome sequence to validated health outcomes.
The GeneLook team is connected with university hospital teams and working with world leading pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies in order to add value to each stakeholder in the healthcare ecosystem.


– Educational level (required): MS in a biological sciences field with focus on real medical world evidence (desired).
– Educational level (bonus): MS/MD in a clinical field and/or MBA in a business field.
– Extensive experience in conducting biological and clinical research projects.
– Extensive experience in human genomics and genomics data analysis.
– Strong scientific writing skills.
– Strong communication skills with proven ability to connect with diverse backgrounds in academia, medicine, pharma/biotech, and/or sports.
– Experience in precision medicine and healthcare delivery a bonus.
– Experience in entrepreneurship a bonus.
– Experience in sports medicine and/or sports science a bonus.
– Proven track record of ability to conduct independent research.
– Proven track record of scientific publications in biological sciences and/or genomics.
– Capacity to work in a fast-paced and multidisciplinary startup environment.
– Fluency in both spoken and written English language mandatory. Other languages are a bonus (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese).
– Ability to travel around Switzerland, Europe, and possibly farther abroad as needed to fulfill company objectives.


– Access to and involvement in the leading pharmaceutical/biotechnology environment of Basel, Switzerland.
– Working with our pharmaceutical partner (one of the world’s top 3).
– Working with top-level academic institutions and healthcare providers in a collaborative environment, both in Switzerland and abroad.
– Leadership role in a startup that aims to revolutionize how precision medicine is implemented in the real world by connecting stakeholders through a clinical genetics platform.
– Opportunity to help guide the mission/vision of GeneLook in building the technology behind our direct-to-consumer engagement mobile app for our users and patients.
– Direct impact on the lives of both rare diseases patients and patients with genetically inherited (Mendelian) diseases.
– Work experience in an international and multicultural environment.
– Work experience collaborating with experts from leading academic institutions (Stanford, Harvard, MIT, ETH Zurich).
– Possibility for flexible hours and work location.

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