Outsmart your DNA!

GeneLook DNA Alert

With GeneLook's DNA alert your DNA is anonymously analyzed to inform you of specific predispositions to diseases that you might develop. GeneLook also will send you notifications as soon as new research discoveries are made that relate to your unique DNA.


Health warnings and instant notifications


Identity and DNA data security


You decide what to do with your DNA data

GeneLook empowers you to control your DNA,
securely & anonymously.

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Discover who you truly are

GeneLook’s DNA test can tell you a lot about your behaviour or how you overcome or face different situations, learn about yourself and take action to succeed.


What food is better for you?

GeneLook allows you to know which nutritional plan fits better your physiology.

Wellness and fitness

Look at your soul and body

In partnership with your health care provider, GeneLook will help you to formulate a plan to outsmart your genes and live a longer, more vibrant life. Your healthcare provider will access your DNA and GeneLook will help you to remain anonymous at all times.

Rare diseases

Take action on time

GeneLook can inform you about Genetic variants in your DNA that may increase the risk of developing certain non common delirious health conditions.

How it works

We will sequence your DNA only using your saliva – that’s right! No blood or complex tests, just spit on a tube and send it to us.

And guess what? You will only need to go through this process 1 time to access all our products!

Is it safe?

With GeneLook you are the owner of your DNA. Our infrastructure allow you to be 100% in control of your data and in a high security environment where your identity remains anonymous to seamlessly and securely share your DNA with GeneLook partners.

Data security

GeneLook uses topnotch encryption, to protect your data and your identity. No-one will ever have access to your DNA, unless you approve it.

What about my health info?

Same thing, we won’t tell you anything about your genetic risk if you don’t want to know it.

The GeneLook platform is currently under development. Be one of the first to get our saliva kit!

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