Outsmart your DNA!

Access your genetic information on the go, share it and control it with the tip of a finger.

GeneLook DNA Alert

With GeneLook's DNA Alert your DNA is anonymously and securely analyzed to inform you of specific predispositions to diseases that you might develop in the future, as well as informing you of the allergies you have to certain medicines.


Rare Disease

GeneLook strategically focuses on Rare Disease patients during its early phase of development.


Health Alert

Your DNA is analyzed and constantly compared to international scientific and medical discoveries on DNA research. You will be instantly notified if a new discovery comes up that might affect your lifestyle.


Medication Alert

We also use your DNA analysis to inform you of potential allergies you might have or develop to existing and future medicines.

We are building a solution to onboard Rare Diseases Patients globally, seamlessly & anonymously.

  • Our goal is the engagement of Rare Diseases Patients & Characterization of their diseases to find a cure/treatment.
  • GeneLook enables the healthcare ecosystem to invest in finding a cure as data is utilized in a democratized fashion (a.k.a Data reusability)



You are always up to date with the latest discoveries in DNA research that might affect you. With our notifications you can act quickly and not worry later.


Share your unique reports with your Doctor to formulate a plan based on your DNA analysis and OUTSMART your genes to live a longer more vibrant life.

The DNA Alert System: Empowers Patients to Take Action while they Still Can!

Making the DNA code a shareable asset is one of  the first steps to improve patient outcome.

Is it safe?

With GeneLook you are the owner of your DNA. Our infrastructure allow you to be 100% in control of your data and in a high security environment where your identity remains anonymous to seamlessly and securely share your DNA with GeneLook partners.

Data security

GeneLook take this very seriously to protect your data and your identity. No-one will ever have access to your DNA, unless you approve it! For example letting your doctor know about one specific variant of risk, while the rest of your DNA remains undisclosed.

What about my health info?

What if I don’t want to know my own risk?
Same thing, we won’t tell you anything about your genetic risk if you don’t want to know it.
Within our settings you can activate or deactivate variant notifications.

GeneLook empowers you to control your DNA data,
securely & anonymously.

DNA Management From your Mobile Phone

No Blood needed, just Saliva!

We will sequence your DNA only using your saliva – that’s right! No blood or complex tests, just spit on a tube and send it to us.

And guess what? You will only need to go through this process 1 time to access all our products!

The GeneLook platform is currently under development. Be one of the first to get our saliva kit!

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Data providers


Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man®
McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD). World Wide Web URL: https://omim.org/